Miraluz Candles
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Miraluz Candles

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Unique handcrafted luminary candles

Get creative this Valentines Day!

Watch your love " GLOW" this Valentine's while gazing together into a one of a kind luminary you'll both enjoy for years to come!

                                 Local pick up or delivery available upon request in the great Northern Catskills and vicinity .                                        Contact me about shipping .

I love you more than coffee! 

I love you more than coffee...said no one!

But this Valentine's, coffee lovers can surely feel the love 

while gazing into one of these whimsical heart shaped 

coffee bean luminary candles.

X-Large heart Coffee Candle $89.00

Small heart Coffee Candle $30.00

Roses are Red

Violets are blue

this Valentine's 

why not try 

Something new?

 Like your Love, Miraluz Candles are           everlasting...infused with dry flowers 

 that will delight forevermore...


X-Large heart flower candle $89

Small heart flower candle $30         

Available in a variety of colors. 

Baby Blues

February is upon us and love is in the air! 

What a perfect way to show how you love gazing into those baby blues...

X-Large heart  candle $89

Small heart  candle $30 

Let me preserve your beautiful Valentine's bouquet in a one of a kind luminary you can both enjoy for years to come! 
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Each Miraluz Luminary is unique and individually hand crafted in The Great Northern Catskills.

The variations in each candle are the nature of the art. 

Candles are made of custom blends which may include;

Re-purposed Candles, Bee’s Wax, Bayberry Wax, Soy Wax & many natural items provided by nature. 

Let me preserve your memories and 

keepsakes in a one of a kind 

handcrafted luminary

Bridal Bouquets

Wedding Favors

Special Occasion Flowers 

Pet and Loved One Memorials

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